“With the Autumn Winter 2024 collection, we aim to celebrate the everlasting supremacy of nature’s beauty,” said Ksenia Schnaider, the creative force behind KSENIASCHNAIDER.

KSENIASCHNAIDER presentation took place within “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative by Ukrainian Fashion Week and was supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.

KSENIASCHNAIDER is proudly presenting the Autumn Winter 2024 collection, titled under the inspiring slogan “Nature always wins.”

Renowned for pushing boundaries and redefining fashion narratives, this collection marks a captivating exploration into the harmonious relationship between haute couture and the raw, resilient beauty of the natural world. Each garment is a canvas woven with stories of growth and resilience, inspired by the unstoppable force that nature has always possessed.

“I witnessed how war destroys the soil, destroys all live around, and how nature overcomes this and flowers bloom in the minefields in the spring. Each stitch, each hue, whispers the resilience of the natural world, celebrating its quiet strength and unwavering beauty,” said Ksenia Schnaider.