KRAKATAU and Amsterdam based artist Don Diablo share a vision for the future, brought into present, through design, music and art. Transcending boarders in space, time and physics, KRAKATAU and Don Diablo created an exclusive jacket, inspired by astronauts’ attire.


Inspired by astronauts’ attire, KRAKATAU and Don Diablo are launching a collaborative fashion item. The exclusive jacket is a limited-edition piece and is exclusively available in the KRAKATAU store at Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam and online on

KRAKATAU is passionate about experimenting with extraordinary ideas and extraordinary people.

This season KRAKATAU gives the stage to Amsterdam based artist Don Diablo to present his vision for the future. Transcending boarders in space and time we collaborated on different time zones and continents and created an exclusive jacket inspired by astronauts’ attire.

KRAKATAU Team: “Here at KRAKATAU we view the creation of clothing like the creation of contemporary art that resonates exclusively with our inner vibrations. When Don contacted us, we had just entered the final stage of developing a new space-inspired jacket. Given Don’s passion for the future, suddenly all pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Some final tunings from Don – and the jacket resounded just like music. We hope that the future owner of this jacket feels the vibes of our creative union.”

Don Diablo: “The match with KRAKATAU is evident as both of our brands implement transformable designs, removable parts and other utilitarian elements. Travel friendly modular clothing with a futuristic look is probably the best way to describe the crossroad where both of our brands connect.”


This FW22 season the muse of KRAKATAU is the tardigrade – a microscopic creature with the ability to resist any damage and survive in any conditions. This inspiration is shown in the collection of down jackets, insulated coats, and cold-weather accessories. 

The limited-edition piece is inspired by this collection too. The materials used, have been tested for waterproofness according to Japanese Standard JIS L 1092:2009 and are finished off with a high-performance eco-friendly PFC-free water-repellent coating. 

The jacket features reversed zippers, nine cleverly placed smart pockets, a windproof placket with magnetic closure, a foldable hood and reflective details, which make it perfect for the global traveler with a futuristic sense of fashion.

Pricing KRAKATAU X DON DIABLO jacket €499,95

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