KRAKATAU, known for its technical jackets and philosophy around protection, introduces their autumn/winter 2021/22 collection. This wide range of innovative pieces is inspired by cryogenics, a branch of physics that studies the behaviour of materials at sub-zero temperatures. For this collection, KRAKATAU used the thermal conductivity of carbon, the infrared radiation of coffee shells and the insulating capacity of recycled plastic bottles. The collection is available on their website and in KRAKATAU flagship stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Amsterdam.

KRAKATAU resists moisture. In the new collection, the water-resistance of the new SYCAMORE jacket model has reached 36,900 mm. H2O – this is the mountaineering level of protection in a jacket for the city – reversible, unpretentious to maintain, with a deep adjustable hood. Refined and presented in a wider range of colours, the bestseller of previous seasons, the PLANCK 3-in-1 jacket with year-round use. KRAKATAU environmentally friendly protects against cold. AITKEN down jackets have half the amount of down due to the addition of microscopic cocoons made of recycled plastic to it. This material has more Fill Power (the ability to restore volume after compression) than an all-natural fluff. The jacket can now be less bulky and more comfortable with the same level of thermal protection.

KRAKATAU keeps you warm. CRYOGEN jackets employ two innovative systems. The first is thermo boost thermal insulation, which, like a vacuum, does not allow cold to pass through. The second is a system of carbon nanotubes, which can heat up to five hours, powered by a portable battery that comes with the kit. For the first time, a jacket not only retains heat but also generates it. KRAKATAU frees his hands. X-Pac functional fabric bags are lightweight and tear-resistant. Small shoulder bag expands to fit a 13-inch laptop. Convertible belt bag – up to the size of a backpack. The super-small bag for phones and cards serves as a technological alternative to the clutch. The ergonomic vest backpack is designed as a hybrid between a jogger backpack and a vest with small pockets.