The muse of the new fall-winter collection 22/23 DAMAGE SUPPRESSOR is a microscopic creature – the tardigrade. Its ability to withstand any damage and survive in all extreme conditions inspired KRAKATAU to create a collection of down jackets, insulated coats and accessories for cold weather. Just like a tardigrade, the product/new collection resists rain, wind and cold. 

Last winter, KRAKATAU travelled to the desert to shoot the DAMAGE SUPPRESSOR campaign. Deserts cover more than one fifth of earth’s land surface. The earth’s soils there have lost much of their fertility; evaporation is ten times higher than the amount of water that falls back to earth. Sandstorms make breathing difficult, and wind, heat, and cold create extreme living conditions. KRAKATAU has an answer to all these challenges.

KRAKATAU resists rain. For life in a variety of environments, conditions, and different climates, KRAKATAU has developed three categories of waterproof jackets. All fabrics for these jackets have been tested for waterproofness according to Japanese standard JIS L 1092:2009. The most technically advanced jackets offer high waterproofness up to 21,000 mm H₂O and breathability up to 20,000 g/m² / 24 h. In addition, the seams of the jackets are sealed to prevent water penetration.

KRAKATAU protects against the cold. Down jackets and parkas with mountaineering cold protection down to -30 C° are also a good choice for rainy winter days thanks to their waterproof fabric. Liner parkas have a removable inner jacket and can be easily transformed into a raincoat, quilted jacket, or waterproof padded coat to adapt to changing weather conditions. Softshell jackets with a breathable membrane layer and a fleece inner are irreplaceable as a second layer.

KRAKATAU thinks eco-friendly. KRAKATAU invests to make its jackets more and more sustainable. In some styles, not only the fabrics but also the insulation and accessories are made from plastic bottles. KRAKATAU uses a high-performance, environmentally friendly PFC-free water-repellent coating that contains no harmful compounds. The Repreve insulation made from plastic from the sea and oceans and the sustainable plant based Sorona insulation both provide a high level of heat retention.