ojeito has partnered with K-Pop soloist and esteemed songwriter/producer B.I (Kim Han-bin on a series of limited edition go-bags, aptly named the ‘pieces of love collection’. Chapter 3 of this collaboration, which will drop September 22 PST, is a highly expressive Tangerine edition. Inspired by the song ‘Tangerine’, the go-bags feature embroidery combining tangerine and B.I’s turning page logo in an amazingly colorful mash up. Inspired by the romantic longing for the girl with tangerine hair and the lyrics envisioning the way the sunlight hits her hair, drops of tangerine peel circle the bag from front to side to back, and tangerine colored coated ties highlight the YKK zips. Continuing the romantic expression of the song, the strap on the large bag features detailed embroidery spelling out “You and Me” in Hangul, with LOL letters accented to symbolize “Love or Loved”, in tangerine and yellow on black webbing.

the ojeito go-bag large is perfect for your essentials – whether notebook or small tablet, wallet or travel documents. additional exterior pocket is a perfect spot for glasses case, pens and pencils, or your phone. the go-bag large comes with detachable cross-body go-strap, made from military-grade webbing. strap is fully adjustable with metal lobster clips, to wear over-the-shoulder or cross-body. all go-bags fit perfectly into ojeito go-kit backpack or go-kit tote.

the ojeito go-bag small is ideal for compact items you take everywhere like sanitizer, mask, credit card holder and keys. fits comfortably in your hand, pocket, or ojeito backpack or tote go-kit.