KOMONO collaborates with Real Bad Man, the Los Angeles based brand and music label, born from the minds and talents of ex-Stussy Art Director, Adam Weissman and artist, Noah Butkus. Real Bad Man blends underground music, cult movies, aged pop culture references and shady cartoon characters for a satirical and subversive brand of apocalyptic counter culture psychedelia.

In designing the frame, it was important to create a model that fit best with the overall aesthetic of Real Bad Man and KOMONO thus, the Jaki came to be. A strong classic shape with a bit of an edge. Created in three different colourways, the patterns on the frames are what makes them unique to the Real Bad Man aesthetic. The Jungle style was one of the earliest patterns created by Real Bad Man, an outdoor inspired jungle print that they always loved and a great moment to bring it back along with two other patterns. 

You’ve been warned.