Elegance, precision and continuity. These are the keywords of the new Men’s collection by Kiton. An emblem of excellence in Italian tailoring, the brand has crafted simple, clean and impeccable garments so that men may face the summer while staying true to themselves. Essentiality is central, the parameter by which a sense of elegance is measured. Attention to detail and the choice of each garment to face the right occasion in a practical way make the Kiton man an aesthete who has no need for frills to get noticed. After all, the purest beauty is found in the little things, in extraordinary details that stand out through careful and precise evolution.

The company now looks beyond its most deep-rooted and recognisable DNA, linked to classic jackets, suits and shirts that have become a trademark, focusing on a casual yet elegant selection and on an element of continuity that links the past to the present and, soon, to the future: an absolute quest for materials. The most beautiful yarns in the world of knitwear, the finest shirting linens and cottons, and Japanese nylon with special finishes for padded jackets demonstrate not only the versatility of garments made to meet every need, but also an elasticity that reminds us that fashion is alive, hungry for change and nuance. In so doing, the company shines with fresh solutions and combinations to suit all tastes. From super-lightweight cashmere and linen polo shirts to casual jackets worn over sweatshirts; from suede waistcoats to cool-wool jumpers far removed from the rigidity imposed by tradition. The suit is transformed, with lightweight jackets in jacquard that’s also been used on the upside-down ‘K’ and cotton-linen jumpers in shades of beige and emerald green, while nylon padded jackets with a reversible cashmere lining and linen, the collection’s flagship, in different combinations, also make an appearance. From shirts to suits, perfect for a half-day at the beach or for an aperitif or dinner accompanied by a bit of bubbly and joviality.

Among the finely crafted garments (such as the linen jackets embellished with brown leather inserts on the lapels, and the use of ultra-light, short-pile chenille, also decorated with leather inserts), are padded jackets, symbols of the precision that Kiton men pursue and search for like experienced explorers, enriched by splashes of colour that plunge us into a summer that must be welcomed and breathed in deeply. From the bright green of the polo shirts to the geometric patterns of orange and white, reminiscent of the masterpieces of Paul Klee and Philippe Malo, there is also an intense light blue, echoing the sea and clear August skies, and the carmine red of an ultra-soft linen jacket. The taste for simplicity brings elegance to any wardrobe: this is true for the performance wool double fabrics used on the dusters, for the soft, tissue-paper-thin leather used on jackets, and for the crisp stretch cotton of the overcoats. Even for the footwear, ranging from classic espadrilles to trainers in all colours, to super-lightweight Capri loafers with topstitched details, and sandals and slippers, the real new release this season, with their clean lines and refined design.

And while, in the evening, the Kiton man reinforces his personality with double-breasted jackets and dinner jackets combined with sportier garments, such as the leather jacket and the reversible mackintosh, colour explodes both in the beachwear collection, with swimwear and short-sleeved jumpers in shades of yellow and orange, and in the refined collared shirts with a classic Neapolitan majolica motif printed on them. All for a simple, clean collection, a symbol of the quality and research that the company has always pursued for men who know who they want to be.