Yair Raviv, also known as Kino Todo refuses to follow trends. Instead, the DJ and producer takes inspiration from the unusual, eclectic, and sonic soundscapes. He tackles all his projects with a tremendous curiosity that is almost contagious. It was in a village not far from Tel Aviv where his passion for music started. After his teenage years, Yair moved to Tel Aviv and continued to push his talent by playing in local bars and clubs, championing a cross-cultural sound based on rhythm, bass, and groove. By 2014 he already made his mark on the scene and established himself as a DJ, and shortly after started creating his own productions. When Red Axes und Blue Shadow recognized his potential, he celebrated his first major success with his debut single “Gidafi Nam.

Kino Todo is constantly pushing new territories and exploring new sounds, sampling vocals in foreign languages like Portuguese and Japanese, and using elements of UK and US trap, drill, and grime.

“I’ve always been drawn to new languages and sounds”, he says. “I want to make melodies I’ve never heard before.”

Today he releases the hotly anticipated 11-track compendium ‘Chances’ on this label Pop Tomorrow. The kaleidoscopic new album arrives via his own imprint, Pop Tomorrow. ‘Chances’ is Kino Todo’s magnum opus, featuring a menagerie of collaborators and genre-defying arrangements. For this Kino teamed up with producers, vocalists, and rappers from around the globe to bring his international vision to life. The album features tracks with Sima Noon, Milushka, Reo Cragun, Marko Eeast & Elevata E, Sinbah, and Rioux.

We wanted to know more about the young and highly talented artist, about himself as a person, his background, and his latest multi-layered project ‘Chances’.

‘Chances’ is out now via Pop Tomorrow

How would you define your sound in a few words? I don’t define my sound, I just like to make music.

Your productions have a wide range of all different kinds of genres which work amazingly together. Is this something you have always been passionate about? During the last few years, I figured out I want to do a lot of stuff, and it has become a passion for me to try exciting new ideas to create different combinations when it comes to my music.

Where do your influences come from? Where do you take inspiration from? The influences come from a lot of stuff, for me hearing a lot of music, traveling, and seeing different cultures are things that have a prominent and important influence. Sometimes you don’t really know it, but it affects you. My inspiration comes when I’m working on my computer. I just start making stuff until something catches my attention, and from there, I develop it.

What are artists that inspire you? Diplo, The Blaze, Flume, Fred Again and many more..

How was the creative process of your newest project ’Chances’? It was a lot of studio work, alone, and with very talented artists from all around the world. It took some time for it to get shape, but in the end, everything clicked.

I’m curious what’s the story behind it? The story is to express myself and what I love, and yes there are a lot of emotions behind it. It was more than a 2-year project that wasn’t always easy to work on it. There are sad songs, happy songs, and different messages in all of them.

Tracks like ’How You Feel’, ’Translator’, and ’2004’ are focussing more on the dance & pop genre with infused vocal performances. How did these come to life? I always loved and got excited about working with vocalists, and this is the first time I got into producing songs and not tracks. They still have a lot of dance and electronic influences, as this is where I come from. I’m very happy with the final product. I was trying to do something different and develop my music. I came across Sima, Milushka, and Reo and just loved everything they do, they are very nice people, but also incredibly talented. Every track was very special to make, and I feel that the fact that there were two minds working on it really gave them that edge.

The genre fluidity and crossing of genres seem present again. What are the key elements speaking of the sound and production? What’s the red thread that runs through it? The key elements that speak to the sound and production of my album ‘Chances’ are versatility, collaboration, and exploration. Each track on the album represents a different facet of my musical influences and interests. From the percussive energy of “Translator” featuring Sima Noon’s radiant vocals to the rough-edged breakbeats and captivating performance by Miluhska on “2004,” and the bouncy low-end frequencies and caustic verses from Reo Cragun on “How You Feel,” there is a deliberate intention to defy genre expectations and create a diverse sonic landscape. The album composition is carefully crafted to take listeners on a kaleidoscopic journey. The tracks weave together different styles and moods, creating a cohesive yet dynamic listening experience. The genre fluidity allows for the exploration of various sonic textures, combining elements of pop, electronic, and other genres. The common thread that ties everything together is my approach to music-making, which is driven by a deep curiosity and a desire to explore unconventional soundscapes. By drawing inspiration from the unusual and embracing the eclectic, I aim to create music that stands out and captures listeners’ attention. This sense of curiosity and willingness to push boundaries is the red thread that runs through the album, tying the tracks together and defining my sound in general.