Kinfill launches room spray in collaboration with Supernova Hotel in Rotterdam

The sustainable Dutch homecare brand Kinfill and the Rotterdam hotel Supernova have announced a special collaboration. Kinfill is releasing a room spray in collaboration with the popular hotel, available in the well-known Kinfill 'Forever Bottle’, made from glass. The 500ml room spray costs € 45.00 and can be purchased exclusively from December 11 via and at Supernova Hotel. In line with Kinfill's mission to reduce the amount of packaging waste from our daily routines, the glass bottle can be refilled in the Superette, the hotel's shop. A refill costs € 27.50.

Collaboration of young Rotterdam entrepreneurs:

The collaboration fits perfectly within one of Supernova Hotel’s goals, to set up collaborations with local young entrepreneurs. Glenn Severin, co-founder of Supernova Hotel, which won the 2019 Entrance Award for Best Hotel Design, had long wanted to develop a room spray for the hotel and approached fellow Rotterdam-based entrepreneur Reda Jouahri of Kinfill. For Kinfill, the room spray is a logical extension of the existing product line with cleaning extracts, which are available in various scents. The room spray: sandalwood, leather and smoke The scent of the room spray has sandalwood, leather and smoke as its main notes, and is used in all public areas of the hotel. Smells are perceived in the brain in exactly the same place where emotions are stored, hence the strong link between the two. This room spray will serve as the perfect souvenir to relive a trip to the Supernova Hotel. Completely in line with Kinfill's sustainability philosophy, there is the option to refill the Forever Bottle at Supernova. When purchasing the room spray you will also receive a voucher with a discount on an overnight stay in the hotel.

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