The sustainable Dutch homecare brand Kinfill is partnering with Sabine Marcelis for an exclusive collaboration. Using largely remnant materials, Sabine Marcelis developed a limited edition tray for the presentation of Kinfill’s glass bottles. The tray is being produced in a hand-numbered run of 100 copies. The tray costs 295 euros and will be available for purchase starting November 19th via and Graanmarkt13.

Shared philosophy: design and sustainability go hand in hand:

Reda Jouahri, founder of Kinfill, and Sabine Marcelis share not only their hometown of Rotterdam, which is also home to both their workshops, they also share their vision of design and sustainability. Existing resin panels are reused in the production process for the trays. That fits perfectly within the shared philosophy of Kinfill and Sabine Marcelis: minimizing waste.

Ironically, the cleaning industry is a dirty business. In general, cleaning products are 90% water and are packaged in plastic bottles. Kinfill is the first green, Dutch homecare brand that offers cleaning products in a concentrated form that are diluted at home with water in glass bottles that can be reused. Owner Reda Jouahri is taking the lead with Kinfill in the reduction of the footprint of an entire industry. The collection consists of a range of vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable homecare products, packaged in glass and cleverly designed cardboard boxes. Since the launch of the brand in early 2020, customers have already eliminated the use of nearly 20,000 plastic bottles.

Sabine Marcelis: 'Warm hues of resin are broken into fragments and re-cast into a singular surface from which the trays are created. A new, surprising materiality is revealed with different levels of transparency and colour-intensity within the fragments. The trays define a space where the Kinfill bottles can live; an artful storage and display space'.

The tray is not only a beautiful item, it is also a functional one with which the Kinfill products can be given a more visible place in the home. Reda Jouahri, founder of Kinfill: ’I wanted to create something to improve the cleaning experience even more, a unique item with which users can present their Kinfill bottles in a prominent place in their homes. That is something that would never be conceivable with old-fashioned cleaning products. I wanted the design to be aesthetically refined, and its production had to fit into our vision of sustainability. I immediately loved Sabine’s idea of creating the trays largely from remnant materials, thus giving each of them a unique appearance.’