Turn up the volume and let loose because Kiki Solvej and Reinier Zonneveld have joined forces to release their very first EP together, ‘Keine Liebe, Kein Rave’. The hard techno two-tracker is out now on Filth on Acid, Reinier Zonneveld’s mighty label notorious for its peak-time anthems. 

‘Keine Liebe, Kein Rave’ kicks off with its title track, hard-hitting with rock-solid drums and a machine beat that will captivate the crowd with mind alterings synths that fizz with real energy. Dark vocal loops add more intensity to this funky collaboration between Kiki Solvej and Reinier Zonneveld. 

The second track of the EP, ‘Royal’, a solo masterpiece by Kiki Solvej brings the laser-lit rave sounds with flashes of acid and bright synths over quick techno beats, showing that the German DJ and producer is here to stay with her infectious productions ready to blow up the dancefloor. 

Kiki Solvej comments: “‘Keine Liebe, Kein Rave’ is about the love you feel, when you are – let’s say it like this (laughs) a ‘real raver’. Without emotions, there is no real rave. And this is something, that Reinier and I have so much in common. Our love for each other, our love for the music, the scene, the rave. That is why we’re here.”

Reinier Zonneveld adds: “What we tried to pack in this very special track is what being on a rave gives us: feeling the extreme, the lightness, the power, the hedonism (in a good way), the realness, and most of all the connection to other people. Having the connection that Kiki and I have with each other while touring the world, making music together and sharing our passion, and then also being connected to so many other people while doing so is what feeds us fresh energy every day.”

As the EP title translates to ‘no love, no rave’, hard techno lovers are in for a treat with Kiki Solvej’s and Reinier Zonneveld’s brilliant teamwork to drive the crowd to pure bliss. ‘Keine Liebe, Kein Rave’ is out now via Filth on Acid. 

About Kiki Solvej

Kiki Solvej is a German DJ, producer, and vocalist. Since her early years, she has been connected to music, from singing in musicals and authoring songs to exploring the rave scene as a teenager. As she decided to live fully from music, her career kicked off in the underground techno scene. She continuously has been creating new songs in the studio and her first big release on Reinier Zonneveld’s record label Filth on Acid opened the doors to a broader audience. Her vibrant and energetic performances have been noticed by fans worldwide, including her special Bahamas live stream which gained over one million views, and her Tomorrowland 2022 set, which was praised by some of the biggest names in the scene.

About Reinier Zonneveld

One of the most innovative and best-selling techno producers of the now, Reinier Zonneveld has taken over the contemporary scene with his visionary live performances and unique view on the techno genre. Highly respected for his improvisational live shows at marquee festivals and sold-out clubs across the world, Reinier Zonneveld’s vibrant sound is winning fans far and wide. After becoming a prominent resident at the legendary Awakenings and Time Warp events, Reinier Zonneveld has continued to push industry limits, launching his very own Festival: Live NOW. His imprint Filth On Acid is one of the best-selling and most supported labels in the electronic scene with releases of Carl Cox and many more, the label is claiming the number one spot on and off as the leading techno label on Beatport. From headlining venues that are typically reserved for international pop acts like Adele, U2, Billie Eilish, Kensington, and One Direction, for example, selling out Amsterdam’s 13,000-person Ziggo Dome during ADE 2021, to playing massive marathon sets for 12+ hours straight, Reinier Zonneveld has quickly grown from underground talent to an acclaimed industry tastemaker.