In the heart of the expiatory Chapel and its garden, Kidill presented its new Spring/Summer 2025 collection of 30 looks.

The collection was inspired by Hiroaki Suesayu’s meeting with the musical duo Ho99o9 (theOGM & Yeti Bonnes), Suesayu declared: “I was impressed by the energy and attitude that emanate from their styles”. This marks the designer’s first time creating a collection inspired by people.

Suesayu expressed his inspiration of the “Tokyo-ness” vibe emanating from the musicians within this collection while also blending Harajuku street style, specifically the ‘Lolita’ style. The collections showcases an array of pieces including deconstructed garments from vintage metal t-shirts, a shoulder bag that contains suprising textures of tattered and eroded fabrics, sleeveless suit jackets and vintage suit pants created by tailors, a diverse use of prints (such as, plaid and leopard print), and sports jackets and games t-shirts made in collaboration with UMBRO.