The mind is a prolific entity, a meadow brimming with oddities. Some are biomorphs, that imbue mundane visual phenomena with idiosyncratic forms while some defy all logic and limit to unleash an uninhibited cacophony of violently euphoric imagery and call forth a primordial urge to see beyond the realm of possibilities.

KGL explores the complexity of thoughts and feelings in its FW ‘23-24 collection- Agrestal Mind, while keeping intact the essence of paradox that runs through the brand’s design ethos. Lines and boundaries pendulate between soft curves and jagged pixel edges while surfaces are supercharged with a rich plethora of textures both tactile and visual. Tranquil neutrals provide a base for the burgeoning overgrowth of blues and hues of viridian while accents of popping pinks and yellows invigorate them, adding new depth and perspectives.

A multi-faceted creature serves as the mascot for the season – concocted as a representation of the innate curiosity and malleability of the psyche. Twisted and convoluted takes on uniform grids and soothing stripes adorn prints and embroideries- emulating nature at its most feral and uncontrolled. Proportions are played with arbitrarily and elements blocked with one another to be abrupt and fragmented. In the midst of fabric one may find glossy textures , decorative stitches and reinforced trims of leather.

Through a mix of simple psychedelic elements and extravagant blooms of embroidered motifs classically tailored relaxed pieces , the dichotomy of an active imagination is brought to the forefront. A party for one turned rife with ruination, a creature emanating from a mirror-ball sparkling in the mind, Flowers that act as transformative portals; it’s all as real as real can be in the endless realm of the mind.