In 1991, KENZO created KENZO HOMME, its first men's fragrance and the very first marine woody scent inspired by nature. A forerunning Eau de Toilette, causing a revolution of freshness in the form of a bamboo shoot bent by the breeze of a fantasized sea.

Amazingly resistant and flexible, the bamboo is a quiet force of nature: a sustainable and recyclable building material of the future. It alone embodies KENZO PARFUMS' commitment to a more beautiful world. 

Today, the iconic bamboo is reborn to bring a wind of freedom to masculinity: the freedom to reconnect with one's deeper nature and better embrace the world. KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense is in perfect resonance with its time.

This new visual, featuring a man facing the promise of nature, simple and majestic, pays tribute to the optimistic and authentic KENZO HOMME imagery of the past 30 years.


Founder of Bamboo U, Orin Hardy grew up in Bali. Watching his father search for the best material to build a sustainable and welcoming school, the Green School, stirred a passion in him about this extraordinary plant, the only material whose continuous harvesting and use in construction offers a positive environmental impact: because bamboo restores damaged land and captures CO2. 

Thanks to its strength and flexibility, bamboo enables the creation of places of great beauty and sustainability to build a life of harmony with nature and an ever more beautiful future.



The Bamboo U Project is a unique initiative spearheaded by Orin Hardy. Its aim is to bring together and train a new generation of designers, architects and engineers to responsibly reconnect their expertise with nature, blending tradition and innovation, for a modern and sustainable vision of beauty. 

A global apprenticeship in respecting natural materials, to build with nature rather than against it, which goes from conception to construction through manufacturing. And which often requires to get free of the prerequisites of architecture and construction.

A comprehensive education, coupled with a genuine engagement toward one's work and therefore toward oneself, because building a bamboo structure requires that you know how to protect its strength and longevity.


Orin Hardy is not an influencer. Orin Hardy is not a muse. Orin Hardy is the bearer of an essential pioneering vision. Orin Hardy, the new face of Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Intense is also the embodiment of KENZO PARFUMS’ values and engagement: generosity, respect for nature, poetry and commitment.

Inventing the dream world of tomorrow requires a complete rethink. A valorization of positive achievements, of people who change the world. With the launch of KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense, KENZO lays the groundwork for a new model of communication.

In February 2021, KENZO flew to Bali to support this ecological designer, educator and entrepreneur, who is working with bamboo as a sustainable building material in the hope of providing places for everyone to live in harmony with nature that commune with it rather than overpower it.

To support his work, KENZO PARFUMS created a scholarship that will enable 10 students, who dream of making the future into the best possible place to live in, to study with Orin Hardy through the Bamboo U Project.


Clément Beauvais (director) and Arthur de Kersauson (producer) went to Bali to meet Orin Hardy and find out more about his dedicated project: Bamboo U.  They encapsulated the richness of this encounter and journey in a documentary that invites us to reconnect with nature. An escape to the beat of the bamboo. A call to discover Bali and its fertile nature: from the power of the ocean, through a lush jungle, to the shade of a bamboo forest. An exceptional environment, with a remarkable climate, where bamboos flourish in ideal conditions.

This fascinating plant has been used by the Balinese people for thousands of years and is deeply rooted in their culture and traditions. An abundant raw material that had to be understood and tamed in order to make it a sustainable building material. Indeed, bamboo is relatively new for modern architecture but thanks to the discovery of new treatment solutions based on boron, bamboo is now a sustainable building material.

A discovery that helps us rethink our relationship with architecture in a logic of sustainability, harmony, respect for nature, opening a new way to make the world more beautiful.

PRODUCER: Arthur DE KERSAUSON (IG: @arthur.de.k)
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Thomas VIGNALI (IG :@thomasvignali)
DIRECTOR: Clément BEAUVAIS (IG: @clembeauvais)
COMPOSER: Clément BEAUVAIS (IG: @clembeauvais)
PHOTOGRAPHER : Arthur de KERSAUSON (IG: @arthur.de.k)

A special thank you to Mangbo of the "Kebo Iwa" band who facilitated the collaboration and recording of the iconic sound of the handmade bamboo instrument "Kul-Kul" which served as the basis for Clement Beauvais' original musical composition.



Created by perfumer Quentin Bisch (Givaudan), KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense is a marine-woody fragrance reminiscent of sun-warmed salty skin. An olfactory journey in complete freedom.

The energizing freshness of Pink Pepper combined with Calypsone evokes the caress of a soothing sea breeze before unfolding into a contrasted Vetiver warmed by a fig tree accord and a sandalwood overdose for a distinctive fragrant trail. A memorable burst of freshness, blending marine notes and woody accents for a powerful sensuality on the skin.  An ultra-modern wood, round and fusing, with an addictive marine, woody trail.

An intense signature, with a uniquely fresh and sensual aura


  • Top: Pink Pepper delivers its spicy freshness while Calypsone diffuses its aquatic notes.
  • Heart: a sensual and sophisticated accord where Vetiver is warmed by a woody Fig tree note. 
  • Base: the creamy richness of Sandalwood is enhanced by the spicy and elegant radiance of Akigalawood.

A celebration of nature

KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense reinvents the codes of perfumery to further delve in the naturalness of a world of increasingly sustainable beauty. The fragrance is composed of naturally-derived alcohol. 

At the heart of the formula, two rare and precious ingredients help to convey KENZO's values:

–> Haitian Vetiver, grown by 300 farmers belonging to a cooperative, sustainably sourced through Givaudan's Sourcing4Good program and meeting Fair For Life criteria

–> Australian Sandalwood, sustainably sourced from plantations that meet the criteria of Givaudan's Sourcing4Good program


An ode to poetry, the new KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense bottle takes the shape of a newly remodeled bamboo, symbolic of the engagement and embodiment of KENZO PARFUMS' values.

Reflecting its natural strength and flexibility, this bamboo reveals a powerful minimalism. Its pure verticality recalls the elegant strength of the woody facet, while its intense, vibrant blue hue evokes marine freshness. Beveled with the sharpness of a katana cut, its cap is stamped with the KENZO seal.

A totem of eco-responsibility

In keeping with KENZO's long-standing commitment to a more beautiful world, the KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense bottle contains 10% recycled glass and reduces its weight in glass by 23% to offer 10 ml of additional fragrance*. The design of its cap has been developed to save 34% of plastic. 

This new lighter bamboo is wrapped in untreated kraft cardboard and a pack made of responsibly sourced paper with FSC®certification (Forest Stewardship Council®), printed with bio-sourced inks. *110 ml bottle

KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense is available in 3 formats, from nomad to large: 40 ml – 60 ml – 110 ml