Samsøe Samsøe captures all the most covetable pieces from their Pre-Autumn 2023 collection, in a new campaign celebrating framily love.

Karl Felix photographs some of the exciting pieces from the season including the sustainable dessert dust denim program, the linen blend safari jackets and silk jacquard resort shirts – on Actresses, Skaters, Designers, DJ’s and other international creatives that are close to the brand and part of its community.

Set against a white background, Samsøe Samsøe’s effortless, reworked Scandinavian design and a cool pool of talents take the centre stage. The sparkle summer dresses – in mid and short length makes an appearance, as does the brands new swimwear pieces worn as tops.

Men’s separates – including earth-toned shirts, orange knitted polos, embroidered tank tops and jeans shorts – offer a glimpse at the brand laid-back, subtly sexy, urban universe.

‘’There is a general desire of liberation running through the way people express themselves, taking elements from different eras to find their own identity is something that really inspired us’’ – Designers Gitte Wetter & Marta Fagiuoli  

These images giving the collection an air of relatability and showing the brand is having something for everyone.