This editorial shoot for Amsterdam-based digital-only fashion house The Fabricant mixes physical and digital reality to create a hybrid aesthetic that lives between both worlds.

On shoot day the models were styled to resemble digital humans and given extra glossy skin to suggest that they’re potentially unreal, even though they’re entirely flesh and blood. Afterwards in post-production, the models were digitally dressed in pieces from The Fabricant’s latest collection called ‘Kapers’.

Kapers is a 3-piece collection of digital headwear inspired by garments worn in The Netherlands in the 17th & 18th centuries. The Fabricant reimagined the garments as pieces to be worn in the virtual world by giving them a clubland vibe that references Gabber culture; the hardcore Dutch techno movement from the 1990s.

Kapers can be purchased on The Fabricant’s website and customised with digital fabrics designed by renowned digital glitch artist Ellie Pritts, and can be worn via AR.


DOP: Dion Bal 

Light + Photo assistant: Eugene Berkovski


Luka Boon

Maggie Weigel 


Creative Director:

Amber Jae Slooten

Cast & Production: 

Hakan Keppler

Production Assistant: 

John Newell TF

3D Design & Digital Dressing:

Niall Cottrell 

H&M: Iljitsj Oppatja