Kallax is an Italian music producer and Dj hailing from the south of Italy (Aversa) and has been calling Amsterdam his home for quite some years now. His sets usually explore fast, oniric and relentless rhythms, tending to use repetition and dynamics to carve within the mix a sonic signature that shakes you from within. He’s obsessed with primal and tribal sounds to wake us from the modern world. Check out his exciting and energetic mix here!

How did you come across making music?

I remember my father introducing me to Brian Eno’s Music for airports and immediately went to our wall piano and started imitating the sounds I heard. I was stoked, entranced. Guitar, synths, and playing in bands shortly followed.

What is your affinity with fashion, and why do you think it goes hand in hand with music?

Fashion is a form of expression. Just like any other art form, it’s always trying to reach through the other side. In a world where everything is mind, we look for exterior things as guides to the inner worlds. So in fashion, so in music.

What are some of your favorite tracks at the moment?

Lately, I’ve been digging stuff from D.Dan, David Löhlein, Setaoc Mass. Anything from Vril or Regis and Surgeon! Oh, and also.. check out last Rødhåd’s collab with JakoJako. It’s nuts. I particularly like the Passeri-Floor mix. A real trip to the skies!

Latest projects of yours that you’d like to share?

Got plenty of releases packed and ready to go, so just you waaaait! In the meanwhile, you can check out my Ep for Reveries UK on Spotify. 

Growing up in Aversa, a city close to Naples, and now in Amsterdam for quite some time, what makes this city so unique, in your opinion?

I love the ingenuity of Amsterdam. It’s like an energetic turbine that keeps on giving. Its strength mainly lies in the admixture of people being here at once. Always meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds means that you can never take your behavior and ways for granted, making you grow and become a better person. 

You truly understand that we’re all one. Also, I mean, have you been to the parties? Wooooooh.

What values do you want to share through your music?

Something special happens when the music truly hypnotizes and enters everyone on the dancefloor. A sense of community emerges from the singularity. We then carry these feelings with us when we go home and when we go about our day. We remember how it was when everything was pure and connected, when we were all one under the same sound, the same sky—true inclusivity in a shared experience. I always looked at techno as a spiritual pursuit. Sound and vibration change people and shape society. When I play, I feel it’s as if we all had one great conversation, a communal liberation.

Where do you hope to play in the near future?

Give me more sweaty bunkers, and I’ll be happy. Other than that, I’m looking forward to playing in Berlin. I’ve always felt a strong connection to the city and its scene.. fingers crossed!




Photography: Elena Orta

Music Editor: Joiah Luminosa