Juun.J embraced the theme of ‘SKIN’ this season, presenting the beauty of contrast.

They maximized the contrast of silhouettes by mixing slim-fitting clothes that evoke the image of the body with twisted and exaggerated volume items, emphasizing the contrast effect. Especially within the modern atmosphere of Palais de Tokyo, they created a runway that spanned almost 100 meters, showcasing 39 outfits inspired by the skinny aesthetics of the 70s, tailoring from the 80s, and denims from the 90s.

Furthermore, they broke the boundaries between ready-to-wear and haute couture by blending tops and bottoms using various materials and colors such as leather, denim, wool, jersey, and sequins. The representative colors include beige, black, navy, khaki, white, silver, and opal.

Juun.J collaborated with Belgian typographic artist Christophe Szpajdel. They expressed specially designed rock graphics through prints and embroidery on various items.

Jung Wook-Jun, Juun.J’s creative director stated, “We beautifully expressed Juun.J’s contrast at ‘Palais de Tokyo,’ the hottest museum in Paris,” adding, “By incorporating tattoo-style graphics into the theme of ‘SKIN’ this season, we can experience new items that haven’t been seen before.”

published by Nadia ten Hove