Julien Macdonald returns to London Fashion Week bringing Out of this World glamour to the runway after a three-year hiatus with the new Julien X Gabriela collection.

I am so happy to be back on the runway and wanted to create something Out of this World… Expect the unexpected in this season’s collection, where things aren’t always quite as they seem.We have created a new Glamour – a world full of love, enchantment and elegance, inspired by strong women, the future and new Millennial Mermaids with their mythological features.”
Julien Macdonald, Creative Director.

Submerged in an underworld where every facet is in a state of flux, this collection blurs the lines between what is real and what is imagined. The landscape is inhabited by entrancing new beings that embody different dichotomies of human nature, exploring the interplay between light and dark. Visions, sounds and textures meander from one state to another, with translucent shades transforming into other-worldly tones, creating a visceral feeling of intrigue and mystery.

Out of This World is an homage to fierce femininity, sensuality, and the limitless power of women. By mixing intricate knit and tailoring techniques complemented by carefully selected sequins and threads, Julien has created looks that shimmer and glide like liquid over the body as if they are a living extension of the person wearing them.