Juana Martin unveiled her latest Couture collection at Paris Fashion Week. Evoking the constant battle between good and evil, the designer showcases black, white and a touch of red to conjure up the fight against carnal temptation. Opposite yet inseparable, always walking hand in hand, this paradox grace the runway and conveys the unmistakable stamp of the Spanish designer.

A fish skeleton is a recurrent symbol of the collection, use as a brooch, a belt of simply adorning the from of the garments, playing with textures and evoking death and rebirth. Sculptural details used as embellishment or entire garments brings depth and architecturally to the looks. Transparent mesh, lace and luxurious fabrics draped around the model’s body create a fantasy playing with movement, perfectly catching the light when needed.

As always inspired by her dear Andalusia, Juana endlessly tells the story of that thin line separating our thoughts in good and evil, differentiates sin from the celestial. A resin-like dress reminiscent of blood stains contrasts with the pure white of architectural dresses channeling an ethereal vision. Sinking veils, chantilly lace and feathers adapt to gaze, close to desire and beauty, showing off the main aspects of this collection.