Jisoo Baik presents her highly anticipated debut collection for Haute Couture F/W 2023/24, under the eponymous label ‘Jisoo Baik’. Through a careful study of iconic haute couture silhouettes, Baik explores the changing nature of beauty –what remains in the past and what has the power to transcend the passing of time. With her intuitive collection, Baik captures the essence of both tradition and innovation.

In this debut collection, Baik establishes a deep connection with the rich history of haute couture, while adding her own distinct voice to the conversation. Drawing inspiration from silhouettes and gestures that repeat throughout decades, she carefully examines their enduring allure and reinvents them for the modern era. The collection embraces classicism while seamlessly transforming into a contemporary collection.

A distinctive feature of Baik’s debut collection is her unique combination of delicate fabrics, such as refined lace and silk jersey, with her signature sculptural wirework. The innovative construction allows the garments to be at once both object and clothing. The structure and the construction allow each garment to stay in movement, dancing around the body in a reinterpretation of the couture house sculpted dress. Carefully chosen fabrics and palette work together to enhance the collection’s duality: delicateness & weight, darkness & luminosity. Like a second skin, each piece sparks a tension between the sensuality of the body and a protective barrier formed by the design itself.