Every last decade of a century, our culture and our societies build up an anticipation for the «crossing of time» condition of expecting a different world. One that intensifies right up to New Year’s Eve. Leading up to the year 2000 and across the board, everything was quickly evolving and changing. So we had the sense that «yes, I am going to be part of this new life», and music was also, a lever in this moment. We were feeling compelled to create new sounds in preparation for that. At that time, we are just beginning to realize that with technology, we could be more spontaneous too – to add-in aspects of what we thought in those very moments. As I became interested in music, I was also really interested in fashion: And to understand those who specialize in the various ways people can appear with things to wear as well as think and imagine society and the direction of it. As a musician, I can look at that, turn to music and think about the same type of topics: the shades, the colours, the textures and translate it into sound…even considering the «silence after sound».

To communicate the essence of their new collection – that implies their overall approach to design, Lucie and Luke Meier have connected with Jeff Mills, the architect of techno. An anti-nostalgia agent, if ever there was one.

“A way to make new music is to imagine looking back at the past from a future and imagine music that could have existed but didn’t”, Brian Eno said.

Make room for the unexpected.

“The collection clashes genres”, say Lucie and Luke Meier. “A reflection of our desire to embrace information exchange, openness, and cross-pollination, to merge the archetypes of women’s and men’s wardrobes, to create a true space of self-expression”.

Their practice is imbued by a positive anticipation for the future. Freedom, care, lightness, honesty, exactitude. Craft and technology: it is decidedly forward.

Manchester, the set of their encounter with Mills, filmed by Stephen Kidd and photographed by Chris Rhodes, stands for every city, every society, capable of reinventing itself through creativity and imagination. With the tools they have at their disposal. As Mills and his peers did in Detroit. As we all do, or should do, wherever we find ourselves to be.