Jasper Sommer is an English musician, record producer, and singer-songwriter. His upcoming single, ‘We Could Rule The World,’ is set to be released on October 20, 2023, via EFG Records Oy. His music has garnered mainstream publication support from outlets like COMPLEX UK and Earmilk, and he has been compared to artists like Four Tet and James Blake. Jasper’s musical journey began in Derbyshire, England, where he was exposed to various music genres thanks to his father’s love for music. Initially, he started playing the guitar, and his passion for music led him to form a band with friends at eleven. Together, they created their songs and covered Blink 182 tracks.  ‘We Could Rule The World’ is described as a deep and brooding track produced by Jasper himself. It has an experimental and ambient nature with unpredictable breakbeat drums, powerful basslines, and soundscapes. The song conveys a sense of desolation and melancholy with emotional lyrics, touching on loneliness and the search for meaning. It is a dark, moody composition reflecting Jasper’s inner voice and shared human experience. Jasper Sommer explained that the song reflects his struggle with depression and feelings of loneliness. He also highlighted that despite these challenges, there is the potential to find peace and overcome internal battles by recognizing our interconnectedness and the power within us. The track aims to offer hope and support to those who may be going through similar experiences.

Photo by John D Kemp

Born in Derbyshire, UK, and now based in Hollola, Finland. You were introduced to music early, played guitar, formed a band at eleven, and gradually started producing your music. How were your beginnings as a young musician, and who were the artists you admired the most, and why?

I grew curious about music when I picked up my brother’s guitar at 9. Back then, it was the likes of blink-182, Linkin Park & Placebo, etc, that started the obsession. From the age of 17, it shifted to Kid Cudi. The emotion those guys put in their music sparked my desire to try and make songs that might one day do the same for another young kid. 

When did you move to Finland, and how did it affect your creativity? 

It was this summer, so very fresh! I was in London for nine years, itching to get as far away as possible. I’m currently spending my days planning music videos for the EP, painting, and enjoying nature. So it’s been heavenly! 

 In terms of music production, what are some of your favorite VST plugins you use to create ambient soundscapes and experimental sounds? 

I’ve spent much time using NI Maschine’s sound library, which I love. Along with ‘Waves’ reverbs and guitar tool racks. I’m about to start playing with Teletone Audio’s “Scarbo,” and I can’t wait to see what I come up with. 

Your new single, ‘ We Could Rule The World,’ comes out on October 20th. It’s a project intended to tackle the depths of the human psyche, especially depression and feelings of loneliness. It is a melancholic piece with a powerful message meant to be told to everyone. In your perspective, how do you cope with such a strong feeling such as depression? What can you learn from it?

Music was a big coping mechanism for me, listening, but mainly making. Having a creative outlet allowed me to feel released from it momentarily and realize the feeling might not last forever after all. I think if anyone in the same boat can find something that brings the same glimpse of hope, that could aid in creating a path to ending their depression. I’ve learned from my experience that my depression resulted from trying to survive in a capitalist society that leaves little room for time spent being human. 

In moments of sadness and sorrow, what do you do to end the negative cycle that goes inside your mind?

It starts with the awareness of the thoughts. Then, try tackling the issue of why the feeling is looming and work towards fixing it. When I was about 19, I came across Dr. Bruce Lipton and started using his techniques, which saved my life. Start with simple things like swapping negative thoughts for positive ones. The reader can look into this more themselves. Working out and being in nature flows the endorphins and clears the mind. I am also resting on a super simple and easy place to start. 

What are the values you would like to transmit with this song? 

A key moment was the harsh realization that nobody was coming to save me. To take a lyric from the song “You’re not alone, we’re all alone.” Loneliness is an illusion; we’re all one piece to a unified whole. 

How would you describe the creative process of this song? 

I started it in 2016 but wasn’t confident in my vocals or sure which direction to go. I’d say it’s been a healing process, given how I was mentally back then, and to finish it earlier this year at a time when I feel I’ve nurtured my sound and have the most confidence in the music I’ve ever felt. I used to imagine this song would be unreleased and heard by loved ones if the suicidal thoughts won. I wanted to finish and release it once I felt I’d finally won the battle. A little Easter egg in the lyrics before the drop at 2:47 touches on this. So, the process has been rather long and emotional but beautiful simultaneously.