Why does nature speak to us as much as it does? This season’s collection commenced with a simple inquiry –  A study into the origin of visual empathy.

Since TAAKK’s inception, Morikawa has continued to reshape the traditional notions of reality and push the boundaries of innovative menswear design with a multidisciplinary approach incorporating extensive material research and inventive fabric treatments into his creations by collaborating directly with technicians in each area explored throughout his practice.

The shapes we see in nature appear complex whilst still retaining certain patterns. The hexagons in a bee’s nest – the spiral of a sea shell – the ripple pattern of a leaf The initial chaos of nature seems to be governed by strict order  Amidst the trials of time. They converge and gradually approach the perfect form unlike the shapes created by mankind, nature’s forms are created by the world itself. A zebra’s stripes are a desert’s sandlines.

A sea shell’s spiral is a spinning galaxy, the stems of a leaf exactly like the path of merging rivers. One witnesses identical shapes in vastly differing situations can we learn the origin of form and design through the works of nature? Untangling the magic of mother nature, isn’t nature’s endless presentation of shape and form but a result of an eternal process of individual elements at play?

 For instance, a wardrobe made by endless trials at embroidery through not only design philosophy but communication with artisans and deeper delves into development, this season came about in order to create each piece with the care it deserves.

 The TAAKK Spring-Summer 2024 collection will debut virtually starting June 2023, and will be available in select stores worldwide starting Jan 2024.