Graduated from Central Saint Martins School in Fashion design, Jude Ferrari has worked as a stylist for Jacquemus, Zara, Undiz and Written Afterwards in Japan. In 2019, she created her luxury ready-to-wear and accessories brand J.Simone reflects her insatiable creative spirit. 

Jude compares the aesthetic of her brand to a Cronut: a fashionable pastry, blending the French elegance of a croissant with the eccentricity of a colorful donut. J.Simone’s collections are characterized by fluid yet structured cuts. The silhouettes are powerful, colorful and assumes originality and humor.

Fashion and pop culture have always gone hand in hand. The concept of supervillain is often seen as the ultimate antagonist to a hero. However, their unique style and personality also make them a popular subject of inspiration. We love super villains because they are bad ass, rebels, eccentric and unique. 

Drawing inspiration from characters like the Joker, Silver Sable, Black Widow or Virtigo, the collection combines the dark and daring aesthetic of these ancient supervillains combined with a street fighter aesthetic for a modern twist, creating a look that is both edgy and sophisticated. J. SIMONE AW23 features a range of clothing items that are designed to showcase the essence of each character. 

The aim of the collection is to showcases the power and confidence of these characters. It encourages women to embrace their individuality and be unapologetically bold in their fashion choices. So why not channel your inner supervillain and add some edge to your wardrobe?