Inspired by the symbols that Condors and Pumas are in the ancient Andean spirituality, this short piece aims to explore the way marginalized souls can allow human groups to improve and expand themselves to a higher level despite the oppression that they can be victim of inside those same groups.
Using those two animals to inspire the way of moving of the dancers, the choreography slowly sets a scene where the two predators threatens and attack their pray. As the Andean spirituality would think, by being killed, the pray which is in fact the condor will allow its predators to reach his elevation and bring them into a cohesion group dance.

Choreographer, Artistic & Movement Direction: Rayan Diallo @cleopatra_is_in_jail
Production & Movie Direction: Laetitia Ouedraogo @laetitiaouedraogo.mp4
MUA: Shana Bouvier @bshanajane
Costumes/Styling: Mathis Landau @mathias.lnd0
Video & DOP: Jeremy Drouillard @jeremydrouillard
Editing: Brian Hue @bryan_hue.exe
Dancers: Alice Sundara @alice_sundara Maxime Alvarez-Clement @maxime_alvz Josephine Moulinjeune @josephine_mlj
Original soundtrack: Dames @dames_music
Numéro Netherlands: Thore Damwerth @thoredmw