Since 2012, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar has painted Amsterdam with the vibrant colours of an Asian charm, changing the Dutch hospitality industry day after day. IZAKAYA has grown from the next big thing to a notable name in Amsterdam's culinary scene and an institute for the Japanese gastronomy, with a cuisine that is authentic yet never traditional. IZAKAYA offers pure relaxation and indulgence in an urban chic environment. International serial entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP and the group's CEO Stephanie Pearson and Executive Chef Hari Shetty are the creative brains behind the inventive kitchen and bar in the 'De Pijp' area.

IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar aims to be an institute of the Asian cuisine, as well as a place of gastronomic innovation, and it has proven to be so in the past years. In the past years, IZAKAYA stayed true to their ambition to constantly change the culinary landscape of Amsterdam by innovation.

“A contemporary dining experience is revamped when IZAKAYA's extravagant Japanese cuisine meets South-American flavours. Authentic elements enter the modern days when combined with creative technics. Not only in the menu but throughout the whole concept. It's the essence of IZAKAYA; authentic yet never traditional. From the dishes itself, to the tables they’re served on.”– Yossi Eliyahoo, oprichter van THE ENTOURAGE GROUP

The cuisine and drinks:

The traditional ‘Izakaya’ is best translated as 'Japanese pub', a cornerstone of the Japanese food culture. IZAKAYA gives this authentic principle a high-end and gastronomic twist. Time-honoured techniques blend together with innovative signatures, with spectacular dishes as the end result. Dishes are served on small plates that are made for sharing and guests can order as much as they would like. The menu features fresh sushi, sashimi and a variety of exquisite meat and fish, prepared on a traditional Robata grill or in a Hibachi fire bowl, a Japanese hot plate. The IZAKAYA chefs find inspiration in distinctive elements of the Japanese culture, as seen in the limited-edition Sakura menu, which honoured the delicate pink cherry blossom. With unusual dishes, IZAKAYA is daring her guests to try at least one thing they never had before. Time after time. Along with redefining Asian culinary classics, IZAKAYA gives a cutting-edge twist to the bar with an array of house-infused tonics with the Japanese Shōchū as the base. The Shōchū is distilled from barley, buckwheat and sweet potato. Together with ingredients like lychee, juzu, jasmine tea and Sake the result is a surprising cocktail menu full of Asian flavours.

Innovation and design:

IZAKAYA is more than just another high-class restaurant; the concept acts as an institute of Asian gastronomy with its history of inviting guests for exclusive master classes dedicated to uncovering the secrets of the refined Japanese cuisine. In a few years, the high-end hotspot has flourished to become a true beacon of contemporary knowledge and quality visited by national and international celebrities like Rihanna, Drake and Doutzen Kroes. Designed by the internationally acclaimed architects, interior- and product designers BARANOWITZ + KRONENBERG, The innovative nature of IZAKAYA is captured in the Japanese aesthetic 'Wabi-Sabi'. 'Wabi- Sabi' is an imperfect idea of beauty summarised in one simple sentence: "Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect". Every single element is a harmony of lines, colours, and shapes that avoids the usual perfection; the 360° bar is entirely made of re-used pieces of zinc, and the floor of sandblasted Indian black slate gives IZAKAYA a natural look and feel. The design is created on the five Japanese elements: fire, earth, air, water and heaven. The stylish and lively atmosphere of IZAKAYA fits the needs of a cosmopolitan city, for that reason IZAKAYA was rewarded with Entree Magazine's 'Most Beautiful Bar Award' in 2014.