The semi-static show is conceived as a scenic reproduction of the piazza–the prime Italian youth’s rendezvous spot. In this urban allegory, aboard their carbon-fiber-covered metal steeds, performers are activated by the emission of a gaping sound as the only sensory element capable of temporarily disarming the elaborate hypnosis of contemporary life’s deception.


From scooter tuning parades to technical jacket show-offs, the worldwide practice of displaying personal research on the day-to-day hangout stage is intrinsic in IUTER’s spirit, from those who make it to those who buy it. FW23 collection is a wide-ranging concentrate of everything that defined and continues to define IUTER’s spirit, a bold mix of awareness, technique, and recklessness developed over a twenty years journey.

The FW23 collection includes collaborations with military specialist Alpha Industries, Italian tuning master Polini, and David Lynch’s cult serial drama Twin Peaks, featuring embroidered racing leather jackets with inlay patches, a subculture-inspired flight jacket with oversize patches, and a Laura Palmer printed leather jacket. As part of the collection, IUTER will present two-needle stitched denim, custom-made embroidered paisley, printed velvet, 3d reverse-textured Cordura® garments, 3-layer heat-welded shell, rhinestones and crystals embroidered details, Majotech® reflective fabrics, pearl inserts, and many more flashy tricks. For the first time, IUTER introduces a series of women’s garments and accessories, including jewelry and a logo bag, while pushing iconic staples, from finest leather garments and allover logo puffers to double knees and other workwear-inspired items.


Established in 2002 and shaped from the start as an ever-growing community, IUTER is an independent clothing brand from Milan rooted in the urban subcultural landscape, moving beyond its original context by reconciling the irony, playfulness, and experimental nature of its roots with the art and refinement of Italian tailoring. The FW23 IUTER Spirit collection is the first drop from ‘IUTER Collezione’, a premium selection marked by meticulous attention to detail and available for a small circle of selected retailers.