Presented on Thursday, January 19 at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE AUTUMN WINTER 2023/24 COLLECTION, Upon A Simplex, is an investigation of triangles and other simple geometric shapes that develops into the creation of complex forms. The forms derived this way are incorporated into garments and the line segments of their components are adapted as folds in fabric constructions—a collection of elaborate formations reflecting the simplicity of basic geometry. 

About the Collection  The show is directed by Adrien M & Claire B, a French visual and performing arts company, whose immersive video installation transforms the venue into a world that blurs our perception of space and gravity. A fluid membrane—like an imaginary river of a myriad of particles—appears on and off. It seems to be answering to the rhythm of mysterious chanting. It throbs, undulates, spreads, crumples up, and unfurls, introducing moments of otherworldliness as it emerges and submerges.