Out of a fueling desire to focus on the essentials, getting dressed in a simple and comforting gesture, putting on a men’s jacket or an oversized coat over a skinny little dress, betting on the cosiness of a cuddly knit dress paired with motocross- inspired thigh-high boots.

At a determined pace, this girl walks through town in her multi-pocket jeans, curling up in a duvet-like bomber jacket, a tight mohair sweater or a suede tunic shirt. As a nod to Y2K fashion, the all-denim looks flirt with naively sexy dresses printed in flower patterns while furry sweaters turn into mini dresses.

Motifs inspired by Persian carpets echo the burnt and neon orange hues and mingle with a metallic blue. Raw fabrics such as nylon and leather contrast with the softness of hairy mohairs and the sparkle of sequins.

The alternative ballads of American rock band Blonde Redhead resonate in the hushed atmosphere of the Palais Royal.