For the ‘Symbiosis’ series, Iris van Herpen, Maria Bodil and Post Neon reference the symbiotic relationship with nature by returning to the roots of our existence; the fungal network. The collaboration aims to visualise the miraculous lacery of interconnectedness from the fungi empire that weaves a dialogue between the terrestrial and the underworld.

The concept of the creation stems from the notion of symbiosis. In these rarefied times, an increasing number of people turn to the natural world, a place considered to be substantial and reliable.

The creative duo envisioned an ‘alternative reality’ in which nature and technology co-exist in harmony, nourishing each other in a sacred balancing act. The complex but elegant structures of mycelium network take centre stage in this alternate world. By exploring 3D generative shapes and textures, the creative studio Post Neon enhanced this utopian reality. Flourishing out of the surrealistic landscape, the models pose the questions: could technology and nature exist in a state of symbiosis?

This synergic collaboration comes as a natural evolution of Iris van Herpen’s multidisciplinary approach to the art of fashion and matches seamlessly with Maria Bodil’s practice of creating with leading designers. Maria Bodil is a new creative direction duo working at the intersection of photography, film and design. The duo consists of Lieve Maria Eek and Marthe Bodil Vos, Post Neon, a young creative studio based in Amsterdam, explored alternate realities, physical and non psychical spaces in the post-production of this series.