Italian shoe brand Superga® is proud to announce its newest campaign ambassador for FW 2022: Iris Law, one of the most original style icons of the moment. As the new ambassador of the inspiring brand, Iris perfectly embodies the true heritage of Superga with her effortless personal style and laid-back attitude.

Since her debut on the fashion circuit, Iris Law has become a familiar face as a fashion and beauty model and TikTok star. At Superga, she is blowing a resolutely modern wind through the FW 2022 campaign. With her penchant for nostalgia, Iris wanted to show Superga’s most iconic styles with a twist of her own, without compromising the roots of the brand.

“As with Superga®, my personal style today is always inspired by yesterday’s influences. That way new ideas are born that build on the past, but still follow their own path. I have always been attracted to the way Superga female attitude combines with iconic Italian style. They are all basics that should not be missing in any wardrobe.” – Iris Law

Known as ” the people’s shoe of Italy “, Superga welcomes a style icon who respects but also challenges the Superga heritage with Iris as its new ambassador. She perfectly embodies the authentic spirit of the brand.

Originating in the tennis world and once best known for its tennis shoes, the shoot for the brand’s new FW 2022 campaign took place at The National Tennis Association, on world-class tennis courts used by Britain’s greatest tennis players. Behind the lens was photographer Lea Colombo, known for her intimate images and outspoken style in which she explores all facets of color. Parisian stylist Virginie Benarroch dressed Iris in tennis-inspired, relaxed outfits.

For the campaign, Iris wanted to respect the Italian origins and the timeless silhouette of the brand and champion the basic styles that remain current season after season. The focus is on the Classic 2750 from Superga, a model designed by the owner of the brand more than 100 years ago as the first Italian tennis shoe, and on the 2641 Alpina High, inspired by the trekking shoes of the 1950s. The campaign also features Showing off some new styles, including the 3041 Revolley Colour block Platform and the 799 Rubber Boots Lettering, perfect for outdoor adventures or rainy days in the city.

The classic Superga 2750 sneaker is an Italian staple, an authentic design piece. It goes back to 1925, when the young Turin entrepreneur Walter Martiny designed a prototype rubber-soled sports shoe for his tennis-playing wife. Nearly 100 years later, their appeal has by no means diminished. They are an ideal blank canvas for designers and artists to continue creating unique and new interpretations. A shoe that remains a fashion favorite season after season. Available from July 6.