She awakes and decides to leave. Behind her, life as it was rolls away. Through the windscreen lies the beige of a new dawn and a life waiting to unfold. She is driving. Fast. A newfound ardor. Towards the scorching sun of hot summer days, towards the sweltering nights and toward the unhindered freedom of being alive. The car speeds up. And a repetitive beat plays.

One could think she is running away. She is reborn. There is a heatwave and blustery winds. Open spaces, neon lights, dark skies, yellow rocks and rejected conventions. A dry rhythm that screams nothing but freedom. The lights, the flashes, and the twilight evenings. The wild nights, the encounters, the desire to be oneself. This new life seizes her heart. She plunges forward, heading alone into the crimson dawns.

This is a tale about a burning freedom. About a young woman who one day decides to be true but to herself.
Soon summer will fade away and be gone. But not just yet.

First, there is freedom.

Photographer: Indigo Lewin
Models: Ava Capri, Alana Champion