This season we want to celebrate togetherness. We investigated elements relating to family, religion, and tribe including the symbolic objects from different cultures such as the Japanese family crest – 「家紋」 Kamon , the Lingam casket worn by the Hindu, and the Islamic relic The Black Stone in Mecca. These meaningful things evoke a sense of connection, closeness, and belief. This collection was also Inspired by contemporary sculptors Noguchi and Wendell Castle –– the shape of their fluid yet symmetrical and geometrical sculptures.

Not only new materials are introduced in the collection, but we have also developed a streamlined fluid – shaped ‘t – bar’ fastening and original chains with a SWEETLIMEJUICE twist. We used freshwater black pearls for both bracelets and necklaces, pairing them with our iconic elements including the split crucifix.

The highlight of this collection is the ‘metal cover’ pendant which is an evolution of our signature Denim Swaddling technique. The octagonal gemstone is covered by silver completely according to its shape with hand – carved details on the surface. A stone setting is no longer necessary which gives a sleek and contemporary finish.

We also developed a new chain called the ‘Surban’ that is derived from the Kamon chain we launched last season. The ‘Surban’ is somehow a combination of curb chain and Cuban chain but with the SLJ twist, literally and technically ‘Surban’ chain is available in necklace and bracelet styles.