Marko Cerketa, designer and founder of this brand, is constantly researching new forms and materials, and the fact that he has premiered all collections at the Paris Fashion Week @ Lakic showroom for the last five years speaks for itself. 

Ruksag label, which has been researching in the field of high-quality leather accessories for years, returns in 2021 with a new collection called Ruksag Edition 21.

The signature of the brand, which is recognizable by its interesting forms and very impressive visual approach, brings something completely new this time as well. The collaboration with Filip Koludrović, a prominent young photographer, already with a rich international experience, really justifies that on the visual identity this year.

The Ruksag Edition 21 collection is made in black and white, mostly from abrasivato leather, which is characterized very dark elegant look. The collection is dominated by accessories intended for a faster lifestyle, practical small bags, of different shapes, for different occasions. Each piece has carefully designed details, which complete the philosophy of Ruksag.

Explore their new collection here: