Ninamounah launches today “Seduce Me”, their proposal for Fall Winter 2021. The collection, presented with an audiovisual piece in runway show format, marks a new chapter in the path of the Amsterdam based brand, debuting at Paris Fashion Week this season.

Continuing with the narrative line defined by creative director and designer Ninamounah Langestraat, Seduce Me receives inspiration from the natural world, taking biology as the starting point for the conception of the ideas that help shape the pieces in the collection. “Seduce Me” explores hypnotisingmating rituals, stimulating the viewers animalistic side and translating the aesthetics of these complex animal behaviours into garments a various and rich range of silhouettes, textures and movements.

Exaggerated cuts and oversized tailoring takes inspiration from the sexual mimicry of the animal kingdom. The defense mechanism of certain species protecting themselves from more dominant individuals is parallel to the human experience of wearing garments as armor. 

Contrasting the suppleness of velvet and the discomfort of vinyl tells the story of seduction: both romantic and aggressive.  The velvety antlers of male deers is the perfect paradigm seen in nature. During mating season the velvet on their antlers shed and they use their antlers to fight for male dominance. The deception of sensuality and violence in nature,  as seen in snake trails (a sign of either mating or conflict), translates into the hypnotic, undulating seams in the recurring garments. 

The urgency of red punctuates the neutral palette as a semiotic conversation between the aggressiveness and seduction it represents in both nature and the human-made world. The neutral palette is a reflection of the unarmed state and the innocence of living beings before they are ruthlessly hunted down.

This is the second season Ninamounah collaborates with artist Stef Van Looveren, with whom the brand has developed a revisited line of accessoriesstarring their already signature bags depicting human male and female gonads in a wide range of colours, from bubblegum pink to metallic gold.