Cowboy is a Belgian startup that develops innovative electric bikes for urban riders. Cowboy's main goal is to improve urban mobility and get riders to their destinations in a more pleasant, sustainable and efficient way. The company was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Adrien Roose, Karim Slaoui and Tanguy Goretti. Freedom is an important aspect for Cowboy. Because of the Cowboy you can go wherever you want in a comfortable and effortless way. Cowboy brings together personal freedom and technology to create a new way of mindful movement. Live the supercharged life and things will jsut click into place. With a full battery charge and an app connected to your bike and the road you have nothing to loose. Just ride. Some of the amazing special fatures that we love besides the stunning design are theft and crash detection as well as intergrated lights. From today until 10th of December you can get the bike for only 1.490 eur instead of 1.990 eur. What a bargain don't you agree?

The quickest ride in town scores high marks for its sporty, agile frame as well as being extremely stylish. A perfect ride for an urban environment. What makes it especially unique is that the baterry can be taken out. Shift your ride, not gears. Find the fastest way to move in the city as the bike adapts intuitively to power the speed you need. You can also book a test ride to try it out on their website. Currently you can purchase Cowboy 3 and Cowboy 4 as well as Cowboy 4 ST in afew iconic colors. To read more about their offers please take a look at their website for more detailed information.

About Cowboy 3:

The Cowboy 3 is a sleek e-bike that rides smoothly and can be easily controlled with your smartphone. With a full battery you can cycle up to 70 km, with 25 km/h. The e-bike is equipped with several hardware features. With attention to detail, including the removable battery built directly into the frame, Cowboy stands out in design and performance.  The app is an indispensable part of the riding experience. For example, the bike automatically unlocks when it detects the rider nearby. In addition, you receive a notification when it looks like someone is trying to steal your bike. And because unfortunately not every ride goes smoothly, the bike and app feature crash detection. In the event of an accident, the sensor detects the fall. If the cyclist does not respond to the notification in the app, his or her emergency contacts are immediately alerted via an SMS containing a GPS link to the rider's location. A few great features to emphasize are resilient tyres, carbon belt and hydraulic disc brakes while being very light weight. Isnt't that absolutely amazing?


On the Cowboy app you will find all kinds of useful information and functions, such as navigation, fitness statistics, the weather situation, air quality on your route, battery level of the bike, average speed and trip reports. The app compares your performance of this week with the previous week. This way the app constantly challenges you to stay fit and take to the bike. Beyond incredible and definitely a very special urban ride.


Since last week Cowboy Care has been launched. This is a €20 per month maintenance service to allow all riders to move around the city carefree. You can easily book a maintenance service through the Cowboy app. Cowboy has a full team of internally trained technicians available to perform maintenance services where and when it's convenient for you.