The future of fashion is one that feels better, on you and on the planet. And in 2020, it’s become more clear than ever that the most modern way of life is to live one closer to nature.

From the start, we knew that our vision of evolved environmentalism was broader than just shoes. And as the chasm between disposable fast fashion and utilitarian basics has grown, the fashion industry has clung to the same outdated methods that continue to drive excessive carbon emissions, soil depletion, and synthetic waste. 

So we asked ourselves, why couldn’t we give people clothes they’ll love and simply make them better?

Allbirds Apparel: The Future of Fashion:

This October, we are extending our responsible, modern minimalism beyond shoes. We leaned into our core tenets–simple design, premium natural materials, and commitment to sustainability–to create Apparel with purpose. Allbirds Apparel not only feels better, performs better, and looks better, it’s also better for the planet.  

The introductory collection––TrinoXO™ Tee, Wool Jumper, Cardi, and TrinoTM Puffer––aren’t just a return to nature, they’re an evolution of nature. The world’s first full line of Apparel to be labelled with the Carbon Footprint of each piece, these cutting-edge classics combine next-generation natural textile innovation with an appreciation for heritage methods and materials. Embodying our “right amount of nothing” design philosophy, Allbirds Apparel is subtle yet visually distinctive, and feels luxurious. 

TrinoXO™ Tee 

Your new favourite tee is made from sustainably sourced, renewable materials. The TrinoXO™ Tee’s secret ingredient is Allbirds’s latest material innovation – XO™, a naturally derived fibre made from discarded shells from marine life, the second most abundant biopolymer on Earth. The chitosan from these shells has unique capabilities, allowing your clothes to stay fresh for longer without relying on extractive materials like Zinc or Silver. The TrinoXO™ Tee may be made from a revolutionary material, but it is a celebration of classic, heritage design. 

Wool Cardi + Jumper

Knit from premium ZQ-certified New Zealand Merino, Allbirds’s sweaters are a true celebration of our favourite wonder-fibre. Like all of Allbirds’s Wool, the Merino in the Cardi and Jumper is superfine and responsibly sourced. The Cardi and Jumper are an extension of Allbirds’s unique take on minimalism – slightly oversized with a textured knit structure and distinctive design details, you’ll be reaching for these sweaters all winter long. 

TrinoTM Puffer

Traditional puffers are made from oil-derived synthetic fabrics, toxic fluorine-based water repellents, and down fill. Not anymore – the Allbirds TrinoTM Puffer is a unique take on the classic silhouette that unites expressive design and environmental responsibility. The exterior is made of a Merino and Tencel blend, with a fluorine-free Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to keep you dry. Instead of traditional or synthetic down, our Puffer is filled with Tencel and recycled polyester, creating an innovative and effective down-alternative. 


The future of fashion requires less washing 

The future of fashion is made with better materials

The future of fashion is measured

The future of fashion is carbon neutral

The future of fashion is form and function

The future of fashion is no compromise.