Tell me a little bit about the collection.

This was our first show, so in a way what I wanted to show was how we evolved in our vintage category. I don’t know if everybody knows that we upcycle every piece, so that’s why the show was in worlds. We had like the jeans rotations and afterwards there was a table cloth and was a bit more dreamy. I also really like the versatile options with what you can do with one-up, because I think our core is really the starting point of vintage and then we can just have our own imagination that is more contemporary at the moment, so I think that’s a little bit of what we’re trying to show.

And what made you decide that this is the right timing to present it at Amsterdam Fashion Week and to do a show?

That’s a good question! I think first of all my own belief is that we have to work together to put on a good fashion show in Amsterdam because I think it will help a lot of designers and brands to also make their step internationally. After all, now you have to do it all on your own and if you look at Copenhagen like it’s not a bigger town, but they also did a really good job. I think that I’m forward, so I need to show them that I’m willing to do it. And also I made so much so I thought, ‘let’s just try it. And then I had some people around me and they were like, just do it!

I really like the scarfs as part of the collection, what would be some of your comments about it? I can imagine those weren’t easy to design.

So the thing is, it’s quite interesting because it started as more suiting and I think in vintage and suiting, the fabric is quite thick and quite masculine. So I looked for something in a vintage that was more feminine and flowy and that’s how I came with the scarfs and we just started to build on that scarf story.

Interview by Timotej Letonja