The 90s was unforgettable for a number of things: music, fashion, films, but most of all the nonchalantly cool photographs you sometimes find in your parent’s memory box. Instax Mini Evo will help you recreate them in the digital age.

            At Numéro, we always cherish great memories and place an emphasis on documenting them in a memorable way. Instax Mini Evo fuses modern-day digital technology with the appeal of retro cameras to create a perfect tool for taking photos. Equipped with a self-timer, a Bluetooth function, and an SD card, Instax Mini Evo will turn your memories into tangible photographs that you can keep in your wallet, the old-school way. Be it a friendly gathering, a music festival or even an album cover, along with the Instax Wide, Instax Mini Evo lets you have a perfect analogue experience.

Instax WIDE used for photographing Omar Rudberg’s latest album cover