INSTANT INFINITY is a group-exhibition about co-existing with the current state of the internet, curated by Isabelle van Manen & Doron Beuns. The event is hosted by OFFGRID agency and includes the work of Annie van Noortwijk, Carl Rethman, Daan Couzijn, Doron Beuns, Elizaveta Federmesser, Natalia Jordanova, Max King, Seb Price and Viola Renate. An international selection of new and established names, who provide profound insights in what it is like to be alive today. This selection of artists explore how their lives and practices have adapted to a significant increase in overall screen-time. They belong to a second wave of Post-Internet artists who use digital strategies to create physical objects. After an increase of social media users, algorithms and Web-3, the time has come for an update of the initial wave. Another chapter with new main- characters, technologies and reflections on the current state of affairs. The internet has changed a fair bit over the past few years and so have the responses of its respective artists. The online world is now very much a domain of spiritual warfare where our identities, hopes, fears, dreams, pasts and futures constantly collide. It is an environment that can be highly flammable but above all fertile to those who can give a convincing form to it. This is ultimately what connects the artists that are on display. The works in this group-exhibition are an ode to being extremely online as much as they are an indictment of this phenomenon. On one hand we find diverse forms of sublime beauty that derived from this new way of being. On the other hand we are confronted with the estrangement, hysteria and perversion that are inextricably linked with the presented aesthetics. The internet is ultimately a place of extreme duality and contradiction. Dull moments are truly exceptional in the realm of INSTANT INFINITY.


Thursday the 8th of December 16:00-20:00

Other opening hours:

Friday 9 December 10:00 – 18:00

Saturday 10 December 12:00 – 18:00

Sunday 11 December 12:00 – 18:00

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