We see it as a trend, but for Jotex, Scandinavian Nature is a way of life. As an inspiration for the new season, Scandinavian Nature is especially symbolic of growth and focusing on the things that matter: simple, but also authentic. With a natural canvas, there is plenty of room for creativity and personal expression. Scandinavian Nature, as this season's theme, has many elements like wood, but also canvas and reed, in mainly natural earth tones with subtle shades of green.

Now more than ever, we learn what really matters: our family, our friends, our loved ones. Together, we can go outside in style this season: after all, there we can see each other from a safe distance. Integrating warmth and cosiness outside? The trick to creating a lasting and inviting space is to decorate as you would indoors. Jotex has furniture and decorative items that are made to withstand all weather conditions and create a stylish outdoor space in parallel.

Trends this season

Details and decoration make a place a home. For the move outdoors, the focus is on finding rustic and durable materials that can stand up to some wear and tear. The spring collection by Jotex is full of outdoor planters, as well as atmospheric lighting, blankets and cushions that connect indoors and outdoors.

The trendiest material this season is aluminium. The durable material is known for its minimalistic look, but is also weather-resistant and very easy to maintain. The durable material can withstand rain, wind and sun and is virtually maintenance free. Jotex aluminium products can be used all year round, which also means a high return on investment.


The Jotex modular aluminium range Menton is the must-have of must-haves. Add, remove, connect or disassemble – Use the Menton collection in a myriad of ways, without compromising on its stylish look. Available in a wide range of colours, making it easy to diversify, to fit in with the current setting or just to stand out from the crowd.

Design collab

New this season is the announcement of a true design collab. Jotex will soon launch a design collaboration with architect Anders Martin Löf, who like no other knows how to convey the ultimate indoor-outdoor luxury feeling. With a limited launch like this, Jotex can live up to its ambition to deliver unique luxury pieces. Jotex also has the ambition to make every authentic house, a home, to which the flawless blend of indoor design and outdoor design will contribute.  The Design Collab with Anders Martin Löf pays homage to the Swedish heritage and consists of mainly wooden furniture pieces for outdoors. The AML collection (Anders Martin Löf, ed.) is entirely produced locally by the Swedish company Hillerstorp. The material is Swedish, FSC-certified pine. To work as sustainably as possible, the campaign was also shot by a Swedish team in Stockholm. Löf: "I want to create quality. Quality does not have to be extravagant, it is in the everyday things. But these things should not only have a purpose, but also a soul."

The Jotex Design Collab launches in May.

"We live in a world where many people are just pretending. We don't use many authentic products or materials anymore. Call me conservative, but I believe that it is precisely those genuine materials that have value; that give something genuine, especially in a time of too much cheating and simplification." – Anders Martin Löf, architect and designer of the Jotex Design Collab