DJ, producer and label head, Indira Paganotto released ‘Face To Face Miami Week 2024’ on March 21st via her ARTCORE label. Comprised of ten tracks showcasing a diverse array of hard dance styles and curated by a lineup of exceptional artists. Having launched her forward-thinking imprint in 2022, Indira aims to reinforce her brand of pulsating, high-energy techno while championing like-minded artists who share her musical ethos. With seven previous releases under her belt, she fulfills this vision with ARTCORE’s first VA.

BEC, rapidly ascending in the industry, garnered attention from Pan-Pot after performances at prestigious venues like Burning Man, Tobacco Dock, and The Warehouse Project. Her opening track ‘Loca’ sets a captivating tone, blending Arabic influences with techno percussion, driven by enchanting vocal and flute melodies.

Luca Agnelli and Rian Wood collaborate on ‘Kiss Like This’, infusing glossy vocals with raw intensity amidst synth flashes and unrestrained bass, drawing from their respective backgrounds in Hard Rave, Old School, and Gabber.

TEUTON, an emerging alias, delivers ‘Lose Control’, offering a distinct interpretation of hardstyle with influences from hardcore and goa trance, adding an air of mystery with a concealed identity.

Returning ARTCORE producer CHRS presents ‘Skeptical’, while newcomer PARKERSTRANGE contributes ‘123’, combining rave, psy, and techno elements into a cohesive blend of electronica, enriched with bold samples and atmospherics.

Italian multi-instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli’s ‘Ego Is The Enemy’ showcases her melodic prowess, transitioning through dance motifs and monastic ambience, reflecting her live performance background.

Ecuadorian artist Lara Klart continues the theme with ‘Aleluya’, enlisting Miriea Clua on violin to infuse elegance atop a deep techno pattern, evoking a haunting yet captivating musicality.

Rhygar and Stëh collaborate on ‘Power Of Silence’, offering a diverse range of techno aesthetics, while Zeshin’s ‘Sushy Party’ introduces a new psy-trance alias by Mattia Trani, inspired by Japanese gaming culture.

The album concludes with Joel Bird’s ‘Existentialism’, a celestial journey blending stomping claps and ceaseless percussion, gradually fading into a serene ether. This marks Joel’s debut release, having garnered support from KI/KI and Theo Nasa.