words by Marie-Pauline Cesari

In the heart of Tokyo lies TRUNK(HOTEL) YOYOGI PARK, a harmonious blend of global and local allure and local poetry. The exterior, of raw concrete with wooden accents, mirrors Tokyo’s symphony of modernity and tradition. Inside, unique touches adorn every corner; the balconies offer views of either the serene Yoyogi Park or the lively neighbourhood.

Opting to collaborate with a local studio for the project, TRUNK enlisted the expertise of Tokyo-based Keiji Ashizawa Design to spearhead both the architectural and interior design aspects. Their scope included sketches, renderings, and on-site supervision. Collaborating closely with TRUNK’s in-house creative team, TRUNK Atelier, the Keiji Ashizawa Design team also took charge of crafting custom lighting and furniture designs, as well as curating bespoke components and materials.

The DNA of the two neighbouring districts, Tomigaya and Shibuya is present throughout, their contrasts and harmonies celebrated in a way we hope will cultivate a new culture, unique to TRUNK(HOTEL) YOYOGI PARK.

Keiji Ashizawa – Founder, Architect and Designer, Keiji Ashizawa Design.

This hotel transcends mere lodging; it is a canvas for creativity. PIZZERIA e TRATTORIA L’OMBELICO serves Italian cuisine in a cosy sanctuary while the TRUNK(POOL CLUB) on the rooftop displays Tokyo’s skyline.

With a heated infinity pool, jacuzzi, and firepit, the rooftop is a haven you won’t want to leave. From 7:00 am to midnight, you can unwind with stunning views of Yoyogi Park, enjoying refreshments from the cozy twenty-eight seat lounge and oyster bar.

A carefully selected curation of artwork from emerging and Tokyo-based artists is on display and available to purchase throughout the property, including bespoke pieces produced in collaboration with Atelier Yamanami, – a social enterprise in Shiga that houses people with disabilities and encourages them to channel their creativity into artistic outlets.

“TRUNK(HOTEL) YOYOGI PARK encapsulates Tokyo’s essence, where design tells stories and each view is a unique experience. It’s not just a stay; it’s an ode to the beauty found in every detail.”

Timotej Letonja

This hotel invites you to immerse yourself in Tokyo’s ambience, where every moment is an opportunity to discover the city’s charm and each stay becomes a memorable chapter in your own travelogue.