Take a curious look into the backstage of Feng Chen Wang’s latest runway show in Paris. A tale of time where the past burst into the present unannounced, and the future is just one step away. Characterised by impressive technique using bamboo, cloud silk and fish roe resist-dyed fabrics, this collection swings between modernity and tradition. References to the designer’s passion for ancient artifacts pave the runway and bring a touching personal layer to the whole.

Recurrent themes wove the narration of the runway, clay appears blankly on makeup looks and is suggested through the greens and washed browns of the garments. Bags in the shape of a vase made of clay act as a direct way of showcasing the material, a nod to the designer’s passion for old objects. The intertwinement of past and modernity create a homogeneous ensemble that evoke ease and casualness.

Traditional Chinese embroideries on contemporary garments, presented alongside sharp-cutted blazers, bucket hats and pileup sunnies enhance the hybridity of the show. Feng Chen Wang pushes us to embrace tradition while searching for novelty.