Interview by Jana Letonja

Today, Numéro Netherlands Digital introduces actress Violett Beane, presently captivating audiences as the female lead in Hulu’s series ‘Death and Other Details,’ which premiered on January 16th. The compelling two-episode finale is scheduled to air on March 5th. Violett graces this exquisite editorial, skillfully captured by Nick Rasmussen 

Violett, you’re currently starring in Hulu’s mystery drama series ‘Death and Other Details’. Tell us more about how you got this role and what attracted you to the project?

When I first read the pilot script for ‘Death and Other Details’, I was hooked. The world that Heidi McAdams and Mike Weiss built is just so insanely glamourous and convoluted. It’s a script riddled with subtext and mystery, which is a dream for an actor.

I was actually stuck at home in quarantine with Covid at the time I got the role. I taped my audition from my bedroom with my mom on Facetime. One of the scenes was tasting a cocktail and guessing what it was, and I fully could not taste or smell.

The series follows Imogene, a restless young woman who finds herself becoming the prime suspect in a locked-room mystery aboard a lavishly restored Mediterranean ocean liner. What is the most exciting thing about portraying Imogen?

Imogene is one of the most messy and relatable characters I’ve ever read. When we meet her, she’s just sort of coasting. She doesn’t really have a passion or direction and she has a ton of unresolved childhood trauma, both of these things eating away at her. She’s like most 20-somethings, on a journey to find herself. What I’ve found so fascinating and fun throughout the season is breaking her walls down. We see her get closer to people in each episode, letting them in, but also letting in the possibility of getting hurt. We all have our defense mechanisms and I’ve really been able to explore hers through this series.

The series will air until its season finale this March. What can the viewers expect from the remaining episodes?

As the episodes unfold, we get to know more and more about the potential suspects. Nobody on the ship is as they appear, so even if you think you know something about someone, you could be very wrong. Every piece of information is valuable so make sure you’re paying attention.

What made you fall in love with performing and acting?

I’ve been performing in some capacity since I was a child, in choir or theatre classes. It’s a little embarrassing, but honestly, I would come home from school every single day and watch the karaoke version of ‘High School Musical’, dancing and singing along. Performance is such a pure and instant form of expression, so it’s hard not to be drawn to it. I think there are more performers out there than people give themselves credit for.

What kind of roles challenge you the most as an actor?

I’m really drawn to characters that have specific skill sets, especially ones that I don’t possess. It’s part of why I enjoy acting so much, gaining skill and knowledge about things you otherwise wouldn’t interact with. As for scripts, I look for stories that aren’t as they appear, looking for nuance and depth. I’m also attracted to original stories, one’s where writers have created entirely new worlds or are inventive with how they tell a story we’re familiar with.

In addition to acting, you also recently released your debut single ‘Chain Reaction’. Is music something we can expect more of from you in the future?

Music is something I’ve loved since I was a child and I always dreamed of releasing my own music. Simultaneously, it’s always been the thing that scares me the most. It’s raw and honest and there’s nothing to hide behind, it’s just you. Last year, I was really focused on growth in an exponential way and I decided that because it scared me so much, I needed to run right towards it. I needed to challenge myself and just do it. I received a gift of a session with a music producing friend of mine, Jesse Barrera, and I knew that was the push I needed. We wrote three killer songs, two of which are out, ‘Chain Reaction’ and ‘Half of Me’, and our third song will be releasing in the next few months along with a music video that I’m very excited for.

What are your career goals for the near future? Would you like to also venture more into production aspect of the industry?

I’ve known for a couple of years now that acting isn’t the end of the road for me. I began to fall in love with writing and directing while I was working on episodic television, due in part because of the constant influx of new directors of varying experience level. I started writing shorts and full-length scripts and then directing them, alongside a handful of music videos for artists such as Jasmin Savoy, Jesse Barrera, Albert Posis and myself. I’m currently co-writing a feature film that I plan to direct and we hope to start pre-production before the end of the year. I’m very excited for my future in this direction.


What do you find the biggest inspiration in your work, and in life?

Experience, whether that’s traveling to a different continent, participating and learning about another culture or eating something strange and new. We’re made up of the things we see and experience. To stop searching would be a serious misfortune, and there’s an endless pool of it just outside of our doorsteps.

What organizations or causes are dear to you?

Amnesty International is a really beautiful organization that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their outreach and focus on human rights campaigns is really admirable and I’ve met a handful of very wonderful people through them. An organization I would love to become more involved with is The Innocence Project. Our prison system is wildly unjust and wrongful convictions are rampant, with more than 70 % being people in minority groups. I’m in support of any organization trying to right that wrong.

What can you share with us about your exciting upcoming projects?

I had the pleasure of working on a couple of films that will be released this year. ‘Renner’ is a neo-future AI thriller where I star opposite Frankie Muniz. It’s a fun ride with twists and turns. And ‘Chopin’ is a story of a Taiwanese-American on a journey of understanding his heritage and identity, played by Eddie Liu. Keep an eye out for both of them this year.

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