In a world where music serves as a conduit for raw emotion and storytelling, Vince emerges at the forefront with his latest release, ‘Won’t Remember Heaven,’ offering a compelling preview of his highly anticipated debut album, “Scars, Ghosts & Glory,” slated for release on Friday, June 14th. As we delve into the depths of his musical journey, Vince shares the inspirations, aspirations, and personal experiences that have shaped his artistry. 

Vince, your music resonates with authenticity and emotion. Can you share with us some of your greatest musical inspirations and how they have influenced your own sound and style over the years? 

There have been so many influences over the course of my career, and I believe there is a little piece of all of them that has gone into this album. I’ve always been drawn to storytellers and exceptional voices. I recall, as a child, constantly listening to Tracy Chapman; it was the only tape we had in the car while growing up. ‘Talking about a revolution’ was my favorite. Her lyrics and incredible melodies have truly left a lasting impact on me.

“In my late teens and early twenties, I also began to comprehend and fall in love with the power of pure, raw emotion and intensity. Artists like Jeff Buckley would make my heart break, while The Prodigy, especially ‘Firestarter,’ could literally make me want to scream in defiance. To put it more clearly, my influences span a wide range of genres. What inspires me and my music is the opportunity to be immersed in someone’s story, however it is told.

As an artist who has navigated various genres and platforms, how do you define your musical style, and how has it evolved over time? 

My own music style, I would say, is ‘Heavy Soul.’ I love exploring many different genres and have written everything from dance bangers to country power ballads. When it came to this album, it was great to be able to lean into myself and carve out my own sound.

Could you share with us where this deep-rooted love for music comes from? What initially sparked your interest in pursuing a career in music? 

Growing up, I was deeply invested in sports, even studying sports science at university. However, when I turned 21, my mum gifted me a broken second-hand guitar as a stocking filler for Christmas. Little did I know then that this simple gesture would ignite a passion for music within me. I found myself captivated by the guitar, spending four consecutive days immersed in its melodies. It became a means for me to express my bottled-up emotions and connect with the world around me. Since then, I haven’t been able to put it down.

Can you tell us about latest single “Won’t Remember Heaven,” and what inspired it? 

Well, it’s mischievous, fun, and a bit dark in places! Sometimes when I write, a movie plays in my head, and that certainly happened with this one. The inspiration stemmed from a tequila-soaked night of temptation!

“When you dance with me, you’re dancing with the devil,’ but at least you won’t go home alone.

Your upcoming debut album, “Scars, Ghosts & Glory,” seems deeply personal. How did your experiences, particularly with overcoming health challenges, influence the creation of this album? 

Yes, it is personal, and thank you for recognizing that in the record. As a songwriter, it’s crucial for me to ‘write honestly.’ These songs delve into my life, experiences, and observations—every scar, ghost, and moment of glory. Overcoming my back injuries has granted me a fresh perspective, and I believe the album reflects a sense of acceptance and resilience born from that experience.

“Scars, Ghosts & Glory” is also a captivating title. Can you delve into the significance of each element and how they intertwine within the album’s narrative? 

I did entertain the idea of structuring the album into three EPs (Scars, Ghosts, and Glory), so it’s intriguing that you mentioned that.

Scars delve into the broken hearts, the bar fights, the tears, and the losses that we all encounter as we navigate through life. Each experience leaves its mark but also guides us to where we are in this very moment. 

Ghosts touch upon the paths not taken, the regrets, and the lingering memories of the past that remain with us.

For me, Glory isn’t solely about the significant victories. It’s more about the small triumphs we experience each day, sometimes unnoticed but significant nonetheless.

Your resilience is evident, having overcome significant obstacles, including chronic pain and the challenges of the pandemic. How do you maintain your passion and drive for music during difficult times? 

That feels like an easy one to answer. When I think about music, it’s something I simply adore. I could live without it, but I don’t want to. I feel extremely grateful every day to be able to say that I get to do something I love. Navigating through hard times is never easy, but it becomes a whole lot more manageable when you’re surrounded by a beautiful family and doing something that feels like home.

Your journey in music has seen various milestones, from performing alongside renowned artists to receiving platinum discs. What has been the most defining moment of your career so far? 

Without being overdramatic, I truly feel that ‘Scars, Ghosts, and Glory’ marks my career-defining moment. While I’ve experienced some incredible ‘bucket list’ moments in my journey, this album stands out as something I couldn’t be prouder of. I wouldn’t change a single note.

Throughout your career, you’ve been both a performer and a promoter, providing opportunities for emerging artists. How has this dual role shaped your perspective on the music industry? 

Having been on both sides of the curtain, I’ve gained a unique perspective on just how tough the industry can be to navigate. It’s made me acutely aware of the importance of having people around who aren’t afraid to give honest feedback, even if it’s about a terrible idea. Recognizing that I can’t do it all myself has definitely come from wearing different hats in the industry. So, these days, I focus on protecting my artistic side by surrounding myself with an amazing team who handle everything else. 

Fashion often intersects with music, allowing artists to express themselves visually. How does fashion play a role in your life, both on and offstage? 

I love fashion especially when it comes to onstage clothing. I love jewellery, and I even had bracelets made for the UK tour!  When I am performing, what I wear does allow me to be a bit more daring.  I even painted my concert shoes myself in gold!

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of your music career, and are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re particularly excited about? 

Aspirations are like ambitions; to me, they imply a desire for something. I prefer to focus on destinations. I’m eagerly anticipating the worldwide release of ‘Scars, Ghosts, and Glory’ and the journey it will take me on. Currently, what excites me the most is the upcoming collaboration with the London Community Gospel Choir next week! LCGC will now be featured on the song ‘Real Love’ from the album, and it’s going to be huge—I can’t wait.