Interview by JANA LETONJA

Actress Vanessa Morgan rose to fame in ‘Riverdale’, where we’ve been able to watch her for seven seasons. Just recenlty, she starred in CW’s crime comedy drama series ‘Wild Cards’, which premiered in January.

Vanessa, you just starred in CW’s ‘Wild Cards’ as Max, a meticulous thief who works alongside a detective and even helps him solve a crime. Tell us more about your experience on this series.

Working on ‘Wild Cards’ was a wonderful experience and I had a lot of fun playing a character like Max. She has so much depth, her quick wit and disguises was a dream to play as an actor. The situations Max landed in always kept me on my toes.

Your performance in it is described as laugh-out-loud funny. What was your favorite and funniest scene from the whole season?

I loved playing the southern accent character, Marcie, in the surfer episode. That was so much fun. Another favourite of mine was the vampire episode. I just loved the world of that episode. I got to film outside of the set of Pop’s, which is from ‘Riverdale’, and that was nostalgic for me.

We don’t get to see that many series that combine three different genres, from crime to comedy and drama. How do these three perfectly intertwine and balance each other in ‘Wild Cards’?

I think it’s in the writing and the joy of being able to play such a fun character like Max. It really just all comes together in the final product.

Fans best know you from your role as Toni Topaz on the highly popular series ‘Riverdale’. How hard was it saying goodbye to your role, cast and crew after 7 years?

It was really hard, I was an emotional mess. It almost feels like mourning, like the death of the character. The last scene ever we did, we all got to be together and one by one said our last lines. It was super hard to get through without crying. I’m glad we were able to end it together. That day was a hard day.

What impact has ‘Riverdale’ left on your career?

‘Riverdale’ has left a huge impact. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was a phenomenon that hit home with people and it was a household name people know. I will forever be grateful to have been a part of it and for what it did for my career. Being on a show like this helped me get the role like Max.

You have also done some music in your career. Is music something you would like to explore more of in the future?

I would love to explore music more when I have more free time. Currently I am working on a script and I’m excited for that. I love being creative.

What ignited your passion for acting and what kind of roles challenge you artistically the most?

I started off singing and an agent mentioned that I should get into acting, so I gave it a shot. My passion for it grew and it’s now something I really love to do. I love the challenge of taking on a brand new complicated character and the workload that comes along with it.

In 2021, you became a mom. How has motherhood changed your life and how do you balance
your personal life with your career?

Honestly, it’s helped me refocus and live my life with more purpose. I love my son River so much and being a mom has been such a gift. I always make sure to prioritize my family and my son. Even while working, putting him first is super important to me. I find that if I can get away to nature on the weekend, it helps me feel balanced.

As an actress, you get to explore fashion all the time, either on set or at the events. How important is fashion to you and what do you love the most about it?

What I care about is feeling comfortable and good, I’m not really one to be into the trends. What I feel best in, what is flattering to my figure and comfort first is the type of person that I am. The thing about acting is that I get to play around in all different sorts of styles, experiment. Sometimes it will wear off on me. Maybe I’ll try something on, like for Max, and I’ll be like “Hey, I kind of like this”.

What can you share with us about your exciting, upcoming projects?

I’m just so excited that people love ‘Wild Cards’. We’re coming up to the end of the first season and we’re all so happy for the positive comments about the show. Playing such a fun character like Max
is exciting to think what will come.

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