Interview by Marie-Pauline Cesari & Dean Sanders

Introducing Diesel’s Prefall 2023 logo campaign, an irreverent play on the cult of fashion, where disciples are united by their love of Diesel’s “D” and shared values of freedom, individualism, humor and rebellion. A trip through the ever radical mind of TOMM¥ €A$H where all are invited to feel the power and influence of Diesel’s anti-conformist creed, in all its stylish irony.

Creative Director Glenn Martens, Art Director Chris Simmonds and photographer Marili Andre envisioned the Diesel Pre-Fall 23 campaign as an ironic and irreverent look at logomania and the cult products that excite and unite us. Estonian rapper and singer TOMM¥ €A$H stars as the tribe’s imaginary guru, a magnetic weirdo who embodies an anti-conformist code with his skinny mustache and oddball style. His hype family hang on his every word, engaging in unusual rituals designed to exalt the House’s values of individualism, freedom, humor and rebellion.

Tommy’s followers declare their loyalty to the “D” through a stylish uniform. The Oval D insignia, defined by the D logo surrounded by an oval, has expanded from the best-selling 1DR bag and accessories to a full collection — a family, in the parlance of merchandising — of ready-to-wear, underwear, beachwear and more. By wearing the Oval D, you are part of the family, signaling your allegiance. You worship the D.

TOMM¥, do you think Fashion is a cult?

Yes, i do. The brand you own the most, then you’re in that cult. Also sometimes you maybe don’t have the cash for it, but you mentally in that cult.

If you could create your own utopian world called TommyTopia, what would it be like?

Like all my musical and visual worlds combined. Im working on a TCU right now. Surrealistic realism 100%

When it comes to the concept of “trash,” it seems to hold a special meaning for you. Is trash still cool in 2023?

It is always in style, always cool. Its how you do it and when you do it

You showed up to one of the Paris Fashion Week shows, wearing a duvet and pillows. Are you tired of fashion?

I’m tired all day everyday from everything and everyone I just don’t show it.

Where does your passion for fashion come from?

From my dad I think he dresses terribly, but its so good

What was your favorite look so far and why? Do you regret one of them?

Definitely the paparazzi most genius idea julia came up with. So easy but so strong
I regret nothing.

Do art and fashion always have to make sense?

Yes and no, I mean by a level. I think you should get it in 3 seconds. Or the other side not figure it out at all but it should still work, you know what I mean?

Your public apparitions are hilarious. Why is it so important for you, to not take yourself seriously?

It’s tacky to take yourself too serious. Man just loosen up.

As someone known for pushing boundaries in the world of fashion and art, collaborating with Diesel seems like a natural fit. How did this collaboration come about?

I love Glenn, Glenn loves me. We make a big f-a-m-i-l-y.

The campaign features the 1DR bag in vibrant pop colors, metallic Oval D bikinis and jersey sweatpants. There are Oval D hoodies, Oval D caps, Oval D belts and Oval D underwear. The collection expands the treatments and applications of the Oval D logo, blowing it up, miniaturizing it and rendering it in hardware or contrast colors. The collection serves the pursuit of pleasure, fun, self-expression and satisfaction — because in the end, everyone deserves really good D.

Creative Director GLENN MARTENS
Photographer MARILI ANDRE