Actor Tom Glynn-Carney is known for his roles in ‘House of the Dragon’ and ‘The Book of Clarence’. He will return in Season 2 of ‘House of the Dragon’ in his new role as King, when the series returns tomorrow (16th June).

Tom, tell us what can we expect from the upcoming season of ‘House of the Dragon’ when the series returns.

Chaos. It’s nuclear. Every episode kicks you in the bits.

What is in store for your character this season?

We see Aegon in every form. He is powerful then vulnerable, calculated then frantic, playful then desperate, desperately seeking validation and respect from his council and the people of Westeros. He is a cacophony of chaos, laced with deeply embedded trauma. He is unpredictable and dangerously explosive.

How exciting was it getting cast on a series that is a prequel to the immensely popular ‘Game of Thrones’?

Still doesn’t feel real, but I am enjoying every second of it and I’m dedicating myself entirely to the work. Aegon is exhausting to play and definitely takes a piece of me, but I am happy to give him that in exchange for this freedom and creative fulfilment.

But stepping in the shoes of ‘Game of Thrones’ success must have also brought a level of pressure on ‘House of the Dragon’. How did you all collectively and you personally deal with this?

I don’t think about that. You can’t, otherwise you wouldn’t turn up to work.

Turn up, put the wig on and let rip.  

Have you undergone any special preparations for the role of Aegon?

Sleep is important. He takes a lot from me, so sleep is key.

Besides acting on screen, you’ve also perfomeed both on West End and Broadway. What excites you about performing on stage the most?

The danger of it. The raw and electric energy. The fact that it is different every night and the way it keeps you as an actor sharp and precise. I couldn’t be an actor without doing theatre. It’s where I go back to, to find inspiration and courage.

Is there any particular moment in your life that inspired you to become an actor?

Being curious, being fascinated by human behaviour, obsessing over body language, social interactions, coping mechanisms, idiosyncrasies that stem from insecurities. Trying to be a sponge to everything I see and hear. Collecting as many things as I can and bringing these to life in an authentic, truthful way. An old teacher of mine, Richard Goodwin Brown, was a huge influence on me.


Looking back on your career so far, what do you personally consider your biggest accomplishment? And looking forward, what do you consider your biggest goal for the future?

Getting this far is my greatest achievement. My biggest goal is to be old, on my death bed and look back at my career with pride, in the knowledge that I did my best work, worked with some great people and made some lifelong friends on the way.

Tell us more about yourself. Who is Tom off the screen and what does he enjoy most in life when he is not acting?

I love my dog, Ziggy. I love music, art and poetry. I love animals. I love and need wide open spaces, peace, quiet and water. I love a night in a dark pub, round a table with trad musicians, fiddle, guitar, tin whistle, bodhran, whiskeys and pints of guinness, singing Ireland’s songs until the early hours.

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